I & J Landscaping supplies provides natural pine straw consisting of longleaf and slash along with installation services to residential and commercial clients or landscapers. Our coverage is metro Atlanta and its surrounding areas, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Pine straw sale Pine straw installation

Pine straw sale

  • Slash bale $3.00 (pick up only)
  • Longleaf bale $3.65 (pick up only)

Pine straw installation

Our installation team provides the same quality service to residential clients, commercial clients, and landscapers.  We stand ready to meet your delivery and installation needs all year long. We look forward to the opportunity to help with your pine straw needs. The minimum order for the service is 100 bales at $ 5.00 for Slash pine straw or $6.00 for Long needle pine straw plus gas expense if the place to be installed is far from Duluth, Ga.

  • Residential pine straw installation

The installation of pine straw at your residence starts removing and disposing old mulch materials if desired, tucking pine straw around concrete curves, installing pine needles by hand, cleaning all turf areas and hard surfaces of pine straw, blow rolling all edges and a final clean up of the site.

  • Commercial pine straw installation

We have a close relationship with our commercial clients. We understand that our commercial clients are under daily pressure to please and succeed their client’s deadlines and expectations. Our team is professional and is known for their quality installation services. Let’s meet with you and see how we might help you and serve your clients.

Pine straw delivery

The minimum delivery order is 50 bales plus gas expense if the place to be delivered is far from Duluth, Ga. This consists on coverage around 5,000 sq ft considering that a single bale covers around 50-55 sq ft depending on the type of pine straw. To get an accurate estimate contact us.

We offer pine straw material and installation directly to apartment communities, subdivisions, landscapers, builders, city and county agencies, golf courses, stadiums and many more. If we are not serving you at this time, please give us the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us at (404) 597 3045 or email us at IJpineStraw@yahoo.com  

 Pine straw delivery